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Welcome to SunUp Medical Clinic

The doctors at SunUp Medical Clinic bring to the neighborhood, and surrounding neighborhoods, quality health and personal care, and offer both walk-in and by-appointment consultations. A full family practive in a convenient, modern and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Our clinics use HealthQuest EMR, a certified electronic medical record system, which securely instantly and quickly schedule specialist referrals. Health Quest EMR is a certified provide in accordance with provincial regulations. 

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Experienced Doctors

We have experienced doctors, they are practicing more than 10 years.

Open Early in the Morning

With school opening soon for the work schedule, we choose to be there for you at your convenient time. You don't need to disturb your work schedule or miss a work day, we choose to open earlier than any other in town.

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Committed To Excellence

We help people to live better life

We believe in excellent patient-centered, high quality, professional healthcare that is compassionate, caring and empowering. Our core values support this belief. We are integrated internally with physio, chiro, massage and pharmacy team.  

Soon we are inviting specialist and externally diagnostic test specialist.

If needed we will referred to specialist doctor of your choice 

Services at our Clinic

Family Doctors

We are always seeking new doctos to fulfuill our patient's needs. We have 2 Family Doctors, who have been practicing for more than 10 years . Soon will have a trained nurse to do female private exams like POP and breast exam.


We are committed to helping our patients mover and feel better. Our physiotherapy clinic near you is a proud to offer an extensive range of therapies. We recognize that every injury recovery journey is unique.​​


Chiropractic maintain the health of your spine, muscles and joints to keep you moving pain-free. Chiropractic treatments involve making adjustments to achieve better alignment, as well as to allow the body to heal itself without the need for medication or surgery. Our Chiropractor believes in a hands-on approach to promote the right preventative and rehabilitation care that suits your lifestyle.

Massage Therapy

Massages are more than a luxury spa experience. Massage therapy is beneficial for balancing muscle and soft tissue length, relieving tension and promotes the restoration of normal joint function. At the hands of our professionals, you'll notice a significant difference in injured or tight areas of the body


Rosslyn Drugs is open next door for your convenience!!!

SunUp Fitness Center is now open!

We are by your side on your journey to a healthier you!

We Love to serve you in better ways

Driver's Medical - $50 only

Happy Stories

Helping Patients to Live Healthy Lifestyles!
This doctor is awesome, His approach is very nice, he gives you time to explain your problems and he than discuss options one by one and I even forgot one important issue that I mentioned at the beginning of interview and he remembered after discussing other stuff. He gives all attention, he cares; I recommend him to everyone. : ) .
Dr Taher, is very knowledgeable and helpful. I was struggling with my symptoms for a while, and no one knew what's wrong. He was the only one who made a reasonable suggestion that was helpful. He gives a Very detailed advice and helpful.
Randy Tran
Dr. Taher and his staff are amazing. The front staff are kind and make you feel welcomed (unlike similar clinics in town). Their injectors believe in enhancements while still allowing the face to move. You'll never find over-injected faces coming out of the clinic. They are never pushy with treatments and the results are the best i've ever had
Amy Turner
Staff at SunUp Medical Clinic are friendly and very knowledgeable and they listen to your concerns. I am never rushed and I am also never pressured into buying product or having a treatment done that has been recommended. The entire experience with Dr.Taher is pleasant while providing excellent care and support to make informed decisions. I highly recommend Him and her staff.
Endang Everdeen
I like the most important thing of this clinic is that they open early in the morning by 6:00 am, which help me take early morning appointment and no waiting time. Doctors and the staff at SunUp Medical Clinic are very nice and friendly. I personally recommend this clinic to all my friends.